Dish. BIG Bar - Dishwashing Soap Bar
Dish. BIG Bar - Dishwashing Soap Bar
Dish. BIG Bar - Dishwashing Soap Bar
Ooray Hill Farm

Dish. BIG Bar - Dishwashing Soap Bar

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The Big Dish Bar from Ooray Hill Farm is perfect for washing dishes and can also be used a multi-purpose cleaner. The Big Bar is 3 times the size of the regular bar. Simply run the bar under warm water, rub your cleaning utensil of choice or use a soap cage in warm water for sparkly clean dishes! You can also grate the bar into flakes and use a tablespoon at a time. These bars are made in small batches in the Byron Bay Hinterlands.

Sometimes size does matter. We love the Big Dish. bar as it will last longer and reduce emissions in transport as you won't have to purchase as often.

It has been found that Triclosan (an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent commonly found in Dishwashing Soaps) has adverse effects on the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell.


Ooray Hill Farm produces waste free and palm oil free Dishwashing Bars and Laundry Soap Sticks in the Byron Bay Hinterlands. Made in small batches, these bars are made with a goal of reducing waste and providing an exceptional cleaning experience. 

At Sustainable Essentials, we want to bring you products we truly love. We love Ooray Hill Farm's products as they're waste free and palm oil free. We love that these are excellent value for money are a great alternative to traditional laundry and kitchen cleaners.


Size: Approx. 370g

Saponified organic coconut oil, saponified organic castor oil, spring water, lemon myrtle essential oil, bicarbonate soda.