Bathroom Essentials Bundle
Bathroom Essentials Bundle
Bathroom Essentials Bundle
Bathroom Essentials Bundle
Sustainable Essentials

Bathroom Essentials Bundle

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Our Bathroom Essentials Bundle contains products that we simply can't live without in the bathroom! All of these products are completely zero waste*, and can be composted at the end of their life. All packaging is also compostable or recyclable

This bundle contains the following items:
1x Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush
1x Corn Dental Floss
1x 200 pack Cotton Buds

We love these products as they can so easily replace their plastic alternatives in the bathroom!

Every piece of plastic you've ever touched is still on the earth today! Switching to biodegradable bathroom options reduces your impact on our planet.

100% Compostable Products*
100% Compostable Packaging

*Toothbrush bristles are made from Nylon and is not compostable and does not biodegrade. Remove the bristles before disposing.


We’re a couple living on the Mornington Peninsula, we love living around the beaches, parks and natural environment. We have always had a passion to protect the environment. Picking up rubbish on walks, bringing our own cups, cutlery and bags.

When we were on the hunt for the next step things got confusing; high price point, greenwashing, unnecessary products. After researching we realised we could make this process simpler and more accessible for everyone.

The products that we have curated are products the we truly love, and hope that you’ll love too!