About Us

We’re a couple living on the Mornington Peninsula, we love living around the beaches, parks and the natural environment. We have always had a passion to protect the environment. Picking up rubbish on walks, bringing our own cups, cutlery and bags.

When we were on the hunt for the next step things got confusing; high price point, greenwashing, unnecessary products. After researching we realised we could make this process simpler and more accessible for everyone.

Now we have an urge to not just protect the environment but also educate and empower others to do so. We understand everyone's at a different stage in their journey, some may have come from a zero waste household, some may just be starting out. We want our brand to be a resource for products and education, to allow consumers to make better choices and empower others.

Our products have been chosen to seamlessly integrate into your life, to replace other items that may have a bigger impact on the environment. Feel free to send us an email, or send us a message on social media if you have any questions - we’re always up for a chat and love communicating with our customers.