Septic bricks AKA long life milk


So you made the switch to a plant based milk to help the environment, but now you have to go through the task of making nut or oat milk from scratch and those pesky (yet very convenient) milk cartons are starting to pile up!


In the recycling industry, these cartons are know as ‘Septic Bricks’. The core structure of them is cardboard (yay!) yet both the inside and out side are lined with plastic (boo!) and between the inner layer is yet another a layer of aluminium. For obvious reasons milk can’t be stored in cardboard, in reality the average nut milk is only 2% nuts so realistically we are storing water in these septic bricks.


Australia has a very limited recycling facilities mainly because we were sending it to to China. However, as we all know, China no longer wants our recycling. The main reason for this is it is too contaminated and not sorted. These long life containers are a big issue in recycling facilities to break apart and seperate all the layers. This is done both chemically and manually by stripping and soaking. And this is the best option! Now for some bad news… because of the difficulty and the limited facilities councils and entire states & territories have removed these containers from their list of recyclable items, meaning they will head straight to landfill.


So what’s the solution? The good news is that nut milk is easy to make. Click here for our nut milk bag. For an even quicker and easy solution, that is both time and cost effective try Nut Mylk from! Nut Mylk really is the common ground for convenience and reducing waste when it comes to a milk alternative. 1 jar makes 10 litres with no soaking or straining required. 


How Nut Mylk works. Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of the nut concentrate to 1 litre of water and blend.



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