10 Easy Ways to Reduce Bathroom Waste

  1. Bamboo Toothbrush.

    Most peoples first swap when starting a low waste lifestyle. Ditch brushing with plastic that you only use for three months (but lasts forever) and swap to a bamboo brush that will breakdown.

  2. Compostable Cotton Buds.

    Cotton Buds are the most common house hold waste flushed down the toilet (eek!). Plastic Cotton Buds are the 5th most common house hold item found in water and on beaches. Compostable Cotton Buds replace those icky plastic ones and can be disposed of in your garden, worm farm or compost.

  3. Solid Shampoo.

    Not only does a regular bottle shampoo contain 80-90% water, its full of chemicals and preservatives to keep it “fresh”. Solid bars don’t need this as they are made from natural ingredients and don’t need chemicals or plastic to make them last.

  4. Natural loofa.

    Every time you use a plastic loofa or exfoliating glove, 1000’s of micro plastics wash down the drain. These micro plastics end up being consumed by marine organisms, and in turn, by us. The average human consumes 1 credit card worth of plastic a week. By swapping for a natural loofa, soap saver bag, konjac sponge or a dry brush you can still get clean and keep the sea clean.

  5. Reusable Facial Pads.

    Reusable Facial Pads save you money and the environment. You’ll never have to buy another plastic packet of cotton pads again. These babies are perfect for toner, makeup removal, under eye masks and gentle exfoliating.

  6. Solid Moisturises.

    With the warmth of your body, solid moisturises melt into your skin, alternatively you can use a low waste whipped moisturiser. Really there’s no excuse, they work better and have no plastic or fillers in them.

  7. Natural Deodorant.

    Natural Deodorants packaged in cardboard are zero waste, and glass or aluminium are low waste options. A full blog post on natural deodorants and their benefits coming soon!

  8. Reusable Shaver.

    Probably my favourite swap. The out right cost is the most expensive, compared to other bathroom swaps, but it also saves you the most money. The average cost double bade refill pack costs between $3 and $5. They are also 100% recyclable, give the closest shave and reduce ingrown & shaving rash.

  9. Turn the tap off!

    As simple as it sounds.

  10. Use what you already have.

    The most sustainable product is the one you already have. Use up what you have first and recycle empty packaging accordingly. Bathroom products can be tricky to recycle, however Mecca and David Jones both collect empty beauty products for recycling through TerraCycle.

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